• I really miss date nights with my husband. I miss getting ready to go out to eat or to catch some live music, or even just walking around downtown. My husband and I have always made time together a priority, but ever since this pandemic hit, we have found it more tricky to be deliberate with that “we time.” I have compiled a list of ten quarantine-style dates to help you find ways to connect with your partner.

    1. Pick a movie to or a new series to binge watch together. My husband may have asked me, “should we see why everyone is talking about that tiger show?” We will just call that time spent educating ourselves on current events and pop culture.

    2. Brew a pot of coffee and enjoy a quiet morning on the back porch.  For us, it can be hard to capture quiet time together with five stir-crazy little humans living with us under the same roof. Find the time that works best for you, and make the most of it.

    3. Plan and plant a garden together. Now, I’m not suggesting that you all run to Lowes… But, maybe you can buy some seeds or seedlings online. Getting outside and creating something together can help you connect in a different way.

    4. Board game night. My favorite two-player games are Scabble, Jenga, and Battleship. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition! “How did you play quiches?!”

    5. Do a home workout together. Now, I admit that I haven’t officially done this one. My husband prefers CrossFit and I prefer Pilates or yoga. Our compromise has been to take our dog for a long walk.

    6. Have a picnic together. This could get pretty creative. Are you going to have cheese fondue on a blanket in your living room? Are you going to share sandwiches in your backyard?

    7. Stargazing. We have found this one to be really fun. We have built a fire in the firepit, roasted s’mores, and looked at the stars together. I even downloaded an app (there are several, but I chose one called ‘Sky Guide’) to help us pick out the various constellations.

    8. Plan, prepare, and eat a meal together. This doesn’t have to be difficult. You could pick up a ready-made casserole to pop in the oven, or pick up one of those boxes from the grocery store that has all of the ingredients and instructions, or you could use grocery pick-up to buy all the ingredients for a recipe you both want to try out.

    9. Create a book club. Pick a book that you both want to read. Either take turns reading chapters aloud to each other, or both of you read it separately and talk about it when you are finished. This one could even be a group date using something like Zoom.

    10. Make a list of open-ended questions ranging from light and fun (think current pop culture), bucket list places and items, regrets, and hopes. Place them in a jar, pull them out one by one, and answer them together.

    Please comment on this post to include your own ideas.  I want to hear your thoughts. This is the perfect time to slow down and be intentional. Let’s get creative!

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