• Couples Counseling

    You may be wondering, will couples therapy really make a difference? How will talking to someone change all the hurt or the loneliness I feel? The effectiveness of couples therapy or marriage counseling depends on the timing of seeking assistance, motivation, and the motives of both partners. I help couples find their best friend again while learning how to talk with each other in a way that they both feel heard and understood. John Gottman can predict divorce with 94% accuracy by identifying the warning signs.


    Communication is something we learn, so you can change your behavior and it will change your relationship. The key is to strengthen the friendship that is the foundation of your relationship.

    I provide intensive relationship therapy using the Gottman Institute’s treatment model and assessment tools. Couples or marriage counseling generally takes 8-10 sessions depending on your specific needs.

    Download the Gottman Fondness and Admiration questionnaire for you and your partner to take HERE