• Telehealth

    This is such a crazy time that we are living through right now. Because of the coronavirus, as a world, most of us are experiencing a sense of isolation, uncertainty, frustration, or fear. Some of us are taking on different roles, such as facilitating online schooling while also trying to work from home. You may have had to postpone weddings or funerals. Looking for your mask before you leave home is now the same as looking for your car keys. Some of us are deemed “essential,” and have had to brave this strange, new, masked world in order to maintain order, normalcy, and safety.

    Through video therapy sessions (telemental health), I can help you find a little peace in the midst of this chaos and uncertainty from the safety of your own home. Even though this new silence seems to scream, I can help you find your voice again. I can help you breathe. What you are going through isn’t easy. You don’t have to do it alone. We may be socially distant, but we don’t have to be emotionally distant. I’m here with you.